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When an existing or new position in a company needs to be filled, the optimal employee is sought. The aim on the one hand is to increase efficiency as much as possible and minimise the risk of hiring the wrong person, while on the other hand the focus is on utilising and further developing the potential, and thus the motivation, of the person involved to the maximum.

The assessment (skills and potential assessment based on the job profile and description) usually lasts one day and creates an important, yet not exclusive, decision-making basis for the company (in general, line managers and supervisors or the board of directors).

In contrast to selection assessment (for filling an open position, assessment center), development assessment (development center) focuses on carrying out an extensive skills and potential assessment of one or more existing employees in order to lay the basis for short, medium, or long-term career planning.

The need for an assessment can also arise in a private person, without an employer being involved, when the personal situation has to be analyzed and perspectives have to be shown.

Before the assessment, the employer and the assessor discuss the situation and the requirements regarding filling the open position. Every assessment is composed of modules and is individually created and structured based on the requirements.

The report accompanying the assessment generally covers 7 to 12 pages and details the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. In addition to the current appraisal with clear conclusions and/or recommendations in view of the position to be filled, prognostic statements are also made (see detailed description Prognostic Assessment / Prognostic Personality and Abilities Assessment). These cover development potential, the preconditions for unleashing this potential and the projected time period before this (further) development can be made use of as required in the prospective position or function. When necessary, a meeting to discuss the results will be held with the employer.

After the report is given to the employer, the candidate is offered a two-hour feedback meeting, during which a copy of the report is made available and the results and questions (including a summarised version of the recommendations and further development potential) are discussed.

For purposes of quality assurance, it is advisable to maintain contact with the employer and to also review the long-term development of the new employee after several years.

The decision to have a professional assessment carried out is of inestimable value, both to the company and the potential new employee as the possibilities, opportunities and risks of working together are considered and analysed in detail.

A detailed description and further information about the course of action and methods: From Potential to Expertise and Motivation - Assessment and Development.