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The CACB Center for Assessment and Coaching specialises in assessment, coaching, and outplacement services at the highest possible professional level. The course of action is individually designed based on requirements.

Our company CICB Center of Intercultural Competence Ltd. is a member of Swiss Assessment (formerly Research Group Assessment Center resp. "Arbeitskreis Assessment Center AKAC"), the competence center for procedures at Assessment Centers in Switzerland. CICB and consequently as well CACB meet the requirements and standards of Swiss Assessment.

Special mention should be made of the high degree of detail contained in the expert appraisals, as well as the extreme precision of the prognostic statements (possibilities and limits of further development, demands and time horizon for achieving objectives).

Beside of individual coaching, the CACB Center for Assessment and Coaching offers as well group coaching, especially associated with a mediation, leading to a common, constructive compiling of solutions within negotiations or conflicts which are difficult or even seem unsolvable.

The CACB Center for Assessment and Coaching is an independent profit center for the CICB Center of Intercultural Competence Ltd. and benefits from the regular and intensive exchange of experiences, as well as the further development of procedures based on the latest scientific knowledge, while at the same time not neglecting tried and true methods or the many years of experience gathered by employees and networks.


Corona-Virus (Covid-19)

Our enterprise remains open. In order to prevent Corona Virus, various measures have been put in place, including the use of a climate protection device that filters aerosols from the room air, as well carriers of the Corona Virus (details here).


Places and languages

Activities, courses and contacts are worldwide in English, German, French and Spanish (at the clients or other places, when people from different companies are participating); other languages on request.